Energy Ownership

The information that’s been coming in today, as I send energy out,  is about sharing verses owning energy. Nature freely disperses energy, constantly sharing, but as humans we play differently and want to own energy. I hadn’t seen it this way before today.  We are taught that to be winners we should own our home,  own a great view, our car, our children, our clothes, our experiences, our judgments our bank account, our phone. However, what we call ours, or what we own is boxed in, (banked), energetically held in our body and what I call the aura around us. What we are capable of holding onto constitutes a level of greed I had not recognized before. A greed for energy.

To continuously share energy is to allow energy to move thru us verses wanting it all for self because I deserve it all.  These people feel big energetically as well as wealthy financially. Our culture sees this accumulation of energy as the most desired.

One can also take in large amounts  of energy and hold it tightly for analysis, or because its bad or because it’s a secret, or because it’s mine alone. I realize on writing this that indigenous people tend to live without owning everything around them. We consider them poor.

As women we tend to own and hold onto emotions. It is our wealth. But I spent years thinking I was  letting go of emotions I’d stored up in my life,while I re-experienced them over and over. I made my living helping others do the same.  I had not until today seen this accumulation of emotions as  a type of ownweship/greed. (Or wealth)  I know women who feel they must own every emotion, thought and belief that surfaces in their relationships, especially the ones judged bad. Weeks can go by as these emotions are analyzed, sometimes even years! Is this  another way of counting our “money”, just not the current wealth indicator? Most of us doing this emotional work have seen it as saving our world. We believe we are emotionally cleaning up after those who don’t do it for themselves. But perhaps their wealth indicator comes from hoarding another kind of energy.

Our environment is a reflection of our stuff, stuff (energy) we don’t want, that gets dumped into huge gaping holes in our mother Earth.  Who is going to own the energy of this garbage? It could be a type of wealth to someone.

Our society is out of balance (my judgment). Some people are capable of pulling in and holding onto lots of energy and become extremly wealthy, owning numerous homes,businesses, cars, etc while many others are not only homeless, they may own very little. But greed/owership is acceptable in our culture. The monetarily wealthy now own most of what we call wealth in our country. And yet many homeless people are more likely to share what little they have.

What happens when the wealthy continue to suck in and hold more and more energy? What would happen if our view of wealth shifted? What if holding onto energy became too difficult and  we began to give more energy rather than hold onto it?

I don’t have an answer, maybe you do and can help me understand.


We Are Water (3)

Today I am Ocean. Very large, my energy is all within, nuturing many, many different life forms. I can feel large beings moving  inside me and hear their calls to each other, letting me know they are okay.

My movement is not initiated by me, rather I am pulled by the moon and just as I begin to relax I am pulled back to where I was, every day I am lulled by this rhythm. Sometimes wind calls to  me and we dance together gently, sometimes we play aggressively.

I am also aware of many, many rivers coming to visit and then they leave me as tiny drops in the air. I don’t always get to say goodbye and wish them well on their new journey. Sometimes they return to me as raindrops and we party and dance.

I also feel disturbing noises at my surface, large entities that feel like they care not for me at all. Sometimes they enter me and I feel raped by their aggression, their lack of empathy for me and their sounds that scatter my own life forms. They leave what my life forms can not consume.

I am water, I live in you. (To be continued)


We Are Water (2)

We are water, our bodies, like that of our home, Earth is about 70% water. Water has many personalities, each serving a purpose, just as we do. It is intriguing to look at how alike we are.

I would say I’ve been a river most of my life. Always moving, doing, creating, but also serving others as a mother, wife, business owner, healer and teacher. Sometimes as River, I felt flooded and moved fast and furious, sometimes I became “droughted” and felt as if there wasn’t enough of me to go around, to do the nourishing I signed up for. I moved a lot as a child, maintained few friends, went to many different schools, had little connection to relatives except for siblings, and I am the eldest. As River, my course has always been toward Oneness, the Ocean.

As I have been trying to understand myself as water I’ve looked at others and realize I sometimes drool at the idea of being a lake instead of a river. They are more stationary, more community-minded. Their movements more gentle. My daughters had/have a more stationary life. They lived in the same house in their growing up years, went to school with the same kids, played with the same neighborhood friends, lived safely by the same neighbors, all aging together in a small town. Everybody knows who you are. Lake energy nourishes, but differently than River. To be continued.

We Are Water

We are at least 70 percent water. This is a fact. But until we experience self as water we have no real concept of what that means or how our experience of water affects us emotionally or our relationships with others.

Water can be a river, on a journey to the ocean, flowing night and day. A fast flowing river has little time to notice or nurture what comes to them and feels much different than a large slow moving river. When we are this fast moving river we are all about experience with no time to see or feel how our experience is affecting us. Very busy.

And then there are lakes. Our families, jobs, churches can be lakes or ponds. Lakes and ponds become connected to their surroundings, the terrain which holds the life within them, and all life that comes to them to be nurtured. There is little movement in a lake or pond. In small lake and pond energy everyone knows whats going on, the names of people, what they do, who they are related to, married to.  There is a larger sense of involvement.  Lakes and ponds are pulled or rocked by the moon. But they stay in one place.

However, a lake or ponds water can become stagnant, polluted or be totally used up by plant life. A person identifying as a small lake or pond can feel depressed, stuck. To step out of this feeling one must choose another course, of water. Become a river, a bigger lake,  a cloud, or as big as the ocean.

We can be huge, like the ocean, being pulled by the moon 2x a day for our movement. The hugeness does not foster a sense of personal connection, but does foster unity as we are pulled with the tide. Cities are like the ocean. Lots of people but not a lot of connection. But think of the amount of sloshing water in all those people as we are rocked by tides each day!

Change can occur in any water thru evaporation as water is lifted into the air for another kind of experience.We can become little clouds floating in the air, connecting with more moisture  and growing  into bigger clouds waiting for the opportunity to drop as rain and begin a new experience.

Shifting Frequencies

I have been aware for some time  of  expressing creatively in numerous ways. My favorite expressions are painting, writing, teaching, sewing, and cooking. They are all creative for me and I know I am not in the same frequency as I express in these different creative endeavors.  I am not aware of what these frequencies actually are if I had the creative talent (or interest) to put them into sound so I could listen to the sound that would shift me.

My challenge, (and perhaps you, reading this, have experiences you could share)  is moving from one frequency to another with intention.  If I am in the painter frequency I am not a good writer. If I’m in the writer frequency I’m not very artistic as a painter. My cook is obviously close to the painter because she likes a lot of color in our food. I have started numerous paintings that I quickly grew bored with before I realized I wasn’t in the painter frequency.

I thought it should be easy to call up the frequency I want but of course that is my mind talking. The teacher in me is quite interested in how to do this, but apparently needs a new frequency called “student.”  I have read that what talents we may have but don’t use, we lose. But do they actually waste away or do we have to shift into the energy where they are stored?

I did psychic past life readings and channeled much of my novels. I can not just do these without shifting my energy. I wish I knew how to develop an App for my phone that could copy my frequency and store the sound wave so I could call them up when needed! Maybe YOU know how to do this???

Check out Awakening Earth Chronicles, the characters dance in  numerous frequencies.




Where Do You Sit?

I am a futurist. I’ve dedicated the last 36 years of my life to healing old beliefs and patterns that kept resurfacing and in that process I’ve moved from dwelling on and in the past to being in the moment and looking forward. I’ve seen that if  I don’t change those patterns, I recreate the same type of experiences over and over. The people may have different faces but the dance isn’t new.

Writing Awakening Earth Chronicles opened my mind to a level of politics I hadn’t experienced before. (Also a new batch of patterns not seen before).  For me, as a writer, the story unfolds before me as if I were living it and I  write it down to share. I often dream parts of the story.

Recently a very powerful dream unfolded for me in which I saw the dramatic importance of changing our national anthem.  I saw that our anthem didn’t include Native Americans or blacks or browns or yellow Americans. That what we call our anthem is “very white.”  I saw that our anthem is mostly about the glory of war, a particular war and our budget certainly verifies that we could spend more on our people. There was a lot more to the dream and  I awoke feeling excited to move on it.

I wasn’t prepared,  upon sharing it, for the intense push back or the lack of interest in bringing up something that has already been glorified, our flag and anthem but not people or our beautiful land. I heard that enough is going on, why bring up the anthem?  That the past is very important and we should leave it alone just like we shouldn’t tear down confederate statues. The past is important and we shouldn’t forget it. But is the past remembered as it was or whitewashed? The flag, the anthem and war machines are all created by humans. Is that more important than LIFE?

Moving forward often feels huge and  overwhelming. Is there a place to start? What needs to change in order to move forward? In our country our Constitution is a gem, it offers us rights and freedoms not available in many other countries. But many of those rights are being questioned for different religions, colors of skin. Our anthem does not speak to all of our citizens. How can we expect unity or positive change when the song we are supposed to cross our heart and sing with total dedication continuously imprints the glory of war and dying and leaves out the glory of life?

In my mind what is glorified does not deserve this glory. What do you think and feel? please feel free to comment. I need to know what more people think in order to move forward on this. Thank you.



by Isis Charest

I came into this world

a seed


Like a tree, a flower, a fern

I grew upward and outward

was busy

watching the sun

dancing in the rain

smelling fragrant flowers

and tasting the joy of life.


a new bud unfolded

a new me came forth

A me I didn’t know

She wanted new music

a different dance step.

She promised

We could do it together

We became great friends


as blooms do

she faded,

Her time had come and gone

Sadness overwhelmed me


Darkness moved in

embraced me

whispered soothing sounds

and kept me company

sleep was my new partner


I heard a new voice


Its time to share some light

She was wise and caring

she made me laugh

and was my delight

I forgot she was a bloom

until that sad day

she whispered goodbye

and faded away

I didn’t know what to say or do

felt intensely alone


Darkness embraced me

whispered soothing sounds

held and protected


while yet another bud begin to form

I held tightly to darkness

remembering this pattern of romance


A voice

asked for my help

I was afraid to let go

She whispered

Each bud has a plan

I need you to bloom

I pretended not to hear


She cried out

Let me breathe

I felt a wave of fear

She begged me for help

I begged her

Be still


Her bloom burst open

and love

poured forth.


I saw my true friend

Not the blossom

of new experiences

but Darkness


Co-Creator of blossoms.

The Dance of I AM

The Dance of I AM

We are all unique manifestations of The One.

Whenever 2 or more come together with

sincere desire for the company of that


expansion occurs.

You think it is the other person

that makes you feel so good, so alive, so happy

but it is really an expansion of energy that occurs.

We could call that energy by different names

but I am going to refer to it as

The I AM energy.

The I AM is present when 2 people make love

When a mother feels the newly formed child.

A newly formed family becomes 3,

a larger experience of The One.

If a family breaks up

the loss is not only of the person one knows

but that extra energy of I AM.

We form our identity from this larger Oneness

Oneness can be positive or negative

If a family presents a negative experience

the desire for Oneness as one grows up

may be for more experiences that create negative emotions

or alone-ness

shunning the pain that accompanied

those personal experiences

of The One,

not fully comprehending how important this really is.

If the family grows, adding more siblings,

the energy of the I AM as love, also increases.

If each member of the family, is loved and appreciated

the energy of I AM is expanded in each person.

If a member of the family is

left out, shunned for whatever reason

their experience

of separation

from the Oneness is intensified

When 2 people come together in any emotion

the emotion has an extra charge

in love it is expanded


it is also expanded in hatred or rage or fear.

Feeling larger,

harder to deal with,

bigger than what feels like

our own stuff.


Darkness is the most abused context perhaps ever given to one word. So much negativity is projected onto this word darkness, a very natural part of our day.  Darkness and Light follow a pattern of more dark time in the winter and more light time in the summer with equal light and dark two times a year. Darkness makes up the highest percentage of the universe. Without Darkness we would burn up and our planetary home would burn up.

So why do we want to make Darkness evil and bad and daylight good?

There is a pattern of awake and productive “doing” associated with daylight but when we are done working (being productive) Darkness sets in and wham, it’s evil, bad, illegal. All kinds of bad things are supposed to happen in the dark. And yet most war happens during daylight hours but war is an accepted fire energy. My big question is; why is it that light and fire also have such a powerful place in religion, teaching that we must rise to the highest in the light?

Interestingly darkness is associated with female energy while sun/fire is associated with male energy. It makes it very difficult to bring these two energies into equality. Our society worships light, which pushes everyone into more fire energy, more doing. If we aren’t “doing” we feel worthless. And now we spend more time playing with our phones (light/fire) instead being in nature and enjoying the true essence of darkness.

Science still says it doesn’t know what darkness does but some years ago I had a very powerful spiritual experience of visiting the darkness of the universe. It was extremely peaceful. I was told it was the home of unmanifested potential, that energy/power available for creating. The child in the womb is created in darkness. Darkness opens doors for our (night) dreams to connect us to the larger planetary whole while we sleep in darkness.

Huge amounts of people turned out to watch the eclipse, the shadow on the land caused by the moon hiding the sun. Hopefully that means we will soon celebrate Darkness as an equal and necessary part of life and learn to use words that actually describe evil acts and negative emotions that take place as much in daylight hours as they do in darkness.

My novels Awakening Earth Chronicles are about healing this ancient habit of blaming darkness for everything.

Invisible Made Visible

Love is an invisible energy and yet we do our best to try to make it visible. The media celebrates love in it’s less loving form on Valentine’s day, or Mother’s day and Father’s day.  If we don’t have a positive experience there we invite in another invisible energy called guilt.

We need mirrors/reflections for us to see if we are doing love or not because we want it to be personal. We can kid our selves into seeing love (thinking we are loved or not) from our mate, friends, family, community  or church. But it always remains an energy which we must trust we are sensing/seeing and trust our intuition to act upon allowing this energy to become bigger and stronger. It is not visible to our two eyes so we act a certain way that supports/confirms our/their belief about “love”. Love energy is light, delicate, gentle.  We must learn to trust this delicate energy, be gentle and grateful and in the moment with this energy experience. But sometimes our love experience can change …  in an instant … and we are left feeling  a huge hole where we’d invited love in. This is the most dangerous time because in our need to hide this hole, we might invite fear in.

Fear on the other hand is BIG and heavy and jumps out at us in our news media in bold letters and loud voices, blasting out the ugly deeds done by a person, or persons, or country, or dictator or man to a woman or? It’s the grab point in many books we read, movies we watch, in our political system, sometimes our jobs. Fear energy adds intense drama, excitement and stress. It demands visibility. It bears down on our body in a crushing way, making it hard to breathe. It also makes our bodies to vulnerable to see/feel the light and delicate energy of love.

We as humans have learned to  make the energy of fear VERY visible and then to act on it in deadly ways.

It MUST be time to welcome  LOVE and learn the intricacies of uniting in new ways.

The Act of Creating

Do “I” want to create or is something stirring and calling within me, hungering for the opportunity to become visible?

What is it that pulls and tugs and begs for attention? A connection I aspire to? A pearl of wisdom hidden deeply within that keeps repeating, “You have something special to share.”

Once acknowledged, the tug becomes stronger. It wakes me in the night, “Did you forget me? You promised “we” would spend time together. I’ve been waiting. We have something special to share.”

Sometimes I hear myself say, “But, I’m not ready, I don’t know how to write (or paint or) I’d make a mess of it. People would laugh at me. It’s not a good time, I should bla ..bla.. bla. . I’m really tired. I’ll do it tomorrow.”

And then that special voice, the one I have been avoiding that I know is hungering for creation and connection says, “I love you, we can do this together. You do not have to do it alone. You are never alone when you listen.” 


Coming Soon!!

Fear of Uniting Book 3 of Awakening Earth Chronicles

By Isis Charest

First female president of the United States, President Francys Dunning returns to D.C. She and her convoy of singanewsong dreamers are radiating golden energy. But she returns, from her healing trip to Oklahoma, to find the plunging economy has turned powerful forces in her own government against her. They have found a way to immobilize her and her close companions, Horus Souliman, Isis Sinclair, Osiris Osborn and Seth Carlson.The country is now in the hands of those wanting to normalize the economy by reopening air and ocean transports but vessels become technologically incapacitated and numerous military ships do not make it back to port. Satellites detect unknown energy frequencies in the Atlantic Ocean. Something more is going on that only President Francys Dunning and her singanewsong dreamers are aware of and only they can solve. But are there enough human dreamers ready to help with the storm that is brewing?

Source: Books

Aligning Self

I am honestly shocked at my recent realization that I’ve been choosing between my thinking, feeling or heart minds. Even though I say I want to experience wholeness, I was choosing mind over feeling, conveniently forgetting that feeling is my intuitive connection.  It tells me what feels true about what’s happening, about people I’m with and when it feels they are not being totally honest with me or to themselves. However, intuition doesn’t  include my own mental beliefs. I got severely caught by that in December and was afraid to trust again.
It’s perhaps the political environment with all the lies or maybe because after focusing on my  dream life for over five years that I had a dream that showed me I was processing everything I watched on TV and everything I read as a part of me, in my dreams. I saw how I choose what goes in and what comes out. I was choosing these elements to excite me but they aren’t really what i want in my life.
I also choose what part of me I listen to .. and if  divided …  each will lead me in a different direction.
If  I just listen to my mind I get pictures and mental information.  If I just listen to my gut, I pick up a load of feelings, mine and what i pick up from what people say …  and don’t say.  Sometimes my heart/soul isn’t interested in any of it. I’d hear “Whatever” and feel confused.
But after I did a month of comforting my 3 lower chakras meditations (last post)  and listening to what they offer and what they feel if and when I turn away from their information that i realized I still held judgment over the information my gut has for me, that I often judged it’s information as unnecessary or i didn’t want to hear it because it conflicted with a decision I’d already made. Quite often I’d choose mind play. (reading, watching tv, talking politics or writing or art)
But I’m learning it isn’t about choosing one type of information over the other but realizing I need information from all minds to make the best kind of choices. That any intentions i set without all my minds won’t work. They will compete for my attention and waste my energy.
and I’m learning I  have different mind assets but if not used together they may not be assets!

Opening a New Door

We as Americans are looking for a new personality for our country. We are looking as far right and as far left as possible. What does that really mean? This election will be about extremes: the people verses corporations, news media verses social media, socialism verses capitalism, little money verses billionaires, equality verses oligarchy, the 2 parties choices verses the people’s choices, diplomacy verses military control, our freedom rights verses planned reversal of many rights already granted, responsibility for climate change verses total denial. And naivety verses eyes wide open.

In the search for my own spiritual identity I too have reached far into and outside myself to find what rings true for me. A great shift in my life opened that door. I walked in and my life changed, my choices changed. It wasn’t easy but I have no regrets.

A shift has been happening not just in our country but on this planet; a new door has creaked open but the old one has neon signs flashing around it, trying to draw people away from the new one. We  will vote on which door we will open and money buys votes.

Many people have gathered around the new door and some have peeked in curiously. It doesn’t  look familiar.What if we choose it and then don’t like it?  Will enough people risk   peeking into the new land behind the new door or will they run back to what feels secure, even though it isn’t,  just because they recognize it?

We had an opportunity to open a new door in 2000 but many forces and money pushed that door closed and posted Not Available signs around it.  We went back to the old way of war and making money in the arms business in which the US is the biggest peddler and the wealthy  got wealthier. People are scared but we have to choose … which fear is the scariest? Staying stuck or walking through  the new door?

I vote for the new door … that’s Bernie.