The Love of Trees

I would like to share some information I’ve received from Trees. This is not certified scientific information but rather information from my heart center “heard” from Trees as I accept them as living Beings with intelligence. Have you heard or sensed this as well?

Trees have 3 different aspects of expression. I am speaking of elder Trees

They have expression in the air, with their greenery; leaves, needles, branches, breathing in air from other life forms, including humans and breathing out a cleansed air that we then breathe back in.

They have large trunks that carry water back and forth from greenery to soil. The trunks of elder Trees hold the energy of their breathing area. They hold truth, support, togetherness, stability, honesty, trust, the health and love of all Life forms in their area. They take in all this info thru the breaths of all Life forms and then they store the emotional well being of All the life forms in their area .. in their trunk.

They have another life below the soil line where their roots are fed and connect to all life forms around them. Like a great mother they support younger trees.

They are fed by Soil, Air, Water and Light.

When many elder Trees are cut down it changes the stability of an area that is breathed by all. There is more crime when these Trees that hold love and trust are cut down. Could the loss of elder Trees be the loss of our safety net as well?
All of what I am saying is of course invisible and we only become aware of this information when we communicate with Trees.
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