I realize I am a transformer. I laugh when I say that word because it reminds me of those toys called transformers. But I’m not a toy. I live and love for transformation, to allow transformation to occur. I didn’t  realize it was a gift and not so easy for others to move into. I didn’t realize my whole life had been on that ride until I started writing, Awakening Earth Chronicles. I was startled by the  miracles that occurred in these novels, how some of these miracles became visible in my/our outer life a year later. It blew me away.  This visibility isn’t literal like our left brain wants realty to be, but I united Native Americans in Curses of Spirits which I published in 2015 and they did unite around Stading Rock water issues  a year later.  I could not  .. not see it! Does the thought have to be put out into the visible world first? Was it already manifesting and I saw it in my mind’s eye and included it or?

I still wonder about that and it definitely makes it harder to write. Am I sure this is what needs to go out into our world? I do focus on positive changes rather than creating terrorism. (at least I see my writing that way)

I  have to be willing to experience transformation in my beliefs thru my writing. I invite transformation to enter my story, I have no idea what that means when I start or where the story will lead me. I start with present time and go forward into the future, what isn’t known or probably experienced yet, sometimes slipping back into the past and what has already occurred to bring it to a new place, to transform belief of . I ask Earth/Gaia to lead, to create a newpath/way of perceiving life.  And then a story unfolds.



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