Invisible Made Visible

Love is an invisible energy and yet we do our best to try to make it visible. The media celebrates love in it’s less loving form on Valentine’s day, or Mother’s day and Father’s day.  If we don’t have a positive experience there we invite in another invisible energy called guilt.

We need mirrors/reflections for us to see if we are doing love or not because we want it to be personal. We can kid our selves into seeing love (thinking we are loved or not) from our mate, friends, family, community  or church. But it always remains an energy which we must trust we are sensing/seeing and trust our intuition to act upon allowing this energy to become bigger and stronger. It is not visible to our two eyes so we act a certain way that supports/confirms our/their belief about “love”. Love energy is light, delicate, gentle.  We must learn to trust this delicate energy, be gentle and grateful and in the moment with this energy experience. But sometimes our love experience can change …  in an instant … and we are left feeling  a huge hole where we’d invited love in. This is the most dangerous time because in our need to hide this hole, we might invite fear in.

Fear on the other hand is BIG and heavy and jumps out at us in our news media in bold letters and loud voices, blasting out the ugly deeds done by a person, or persons, or country, or dictator or man to a woman or? It’s the grab point in many books we read, movies we watch, in our political system, sometimes our jobs. Fear energy adds intense drama, excitement and stress. It demands visibility. It bears down on our body in a crushing way, making it hard to breathe. It also makes our bodies to vulnerable to see/feel the light and delicate energy of love.

We as humans have learned to  make the energy of fear VERY visible and then to act on it in deadly ways.

It MUST be time to welcome  LOVE and learn the intricacies of uniting in new ways.


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