Mystery, Synchronicity and Miracles

Mystery, synchronicity and miracles are all elements from the invisible world. But this world is only invisible because we have been trained to believe that. If we open to believe it is real and can be seen with our inner senses then we open to new experiences. It is all about learning to trust these inner senses.

When my little dog Lovey died she came to me every night for two weeks as soon as I got into bed. She was a little Chihuahua and could not get onto the bed by herself and so she would come to the side of my bed, once I was in it, and would make this  “Eh, eh,eh,” sound and I would pick her up and bring her into my bed. The night she died she came, invisible to see, but I could hear her. It was a challenge finding her “body” to pick her up. She would make the sound and I followed her voice. I could feel her energy body, the space she took, in my bed.

After two weeks I heard her say, “I can not hold this dog form any longer but I will always be with you, in your heart.”

I feel much gratitude that I trusted my inner senses and had this last experience with Lovey.


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