Several years ago I wrote a poem called Then. It is here in my writings under Invisible realms. My experience at the time showed me how I had “bloomed”many times in this life time but the blooms fade away and it is me (like a plant) that continues on. It was in writing this poem that I experienced the power of Darkness and how it embraced me. As I reread the poem I realized I had seen this more as a vision, an aspect of inner seeing.

In the last few weeks I have been dealing with not Belonging. I didn’t feel like I fit in any where, not in my family, not in groups. I felt sad and rejected for a few days.

I wrote down what I was ready to let go of symbolically, on a leaf and dropped it into a stream as a commitment to let go of my fear of not Belonging.

Then I asked Gaia, “What action or response would best serve Wholeness?

The answer I received was; “Generosity of Spirit. Spirit meaning That which Embraces and leads the way.”
In the next moment I felt my whole body being Embraced, touched in a way not possible with another human. Every part of my skin felt touched.

This I was told is true Belonging. It is a Belonging to Darkness and Light, a Belonging to Gaia, A Belonging to my Life. It is a new definition that allows me to Be.

The experience this time was not visual or from inner seeing. It was felt, physically, emotionally,in a profound new way. I was told to ask any questions after the Embrace and I would hear and feel the answer from that larger consciousness.

I can truthfully say I want a lot more of this feeling!