Why an UnMarrying Ritual?

Because Divorce is a Family issue that affects You, your Spouse and Your Children

Divorce is a legal remedy to financially balance the 2 parties from a marriage. Divorce does NOT deal with the emotional issues from marriages and it does not deal with the emotional issues of the children of any marriage unless emotional issues are understood and forgiveness invited in.

If projections are not reclaimed it is more likely that there will be attraction to the same emotional pattern in next relationship.

If there are children involved in a divorce those patterns can also be projected onto them. There is some evidence to show that children experiencing three or more transitions in family structure are much more likely to experience divorce later in their own lives compared to children who did not experience such family transition. 

  Certain studies have shown that daughters of divorced parents have a higher divorce rate in marriages than children of non-divorced parents. Its harder to feel loved when you don’t know what love is.

What does an UnMarrying Ritual accomplish? 

 It supports both parties in reclaiming their own spiritual and emotional power, which unintentionally gets projected onto one’s partner creating strange polarities/patterns that weren’t obvious at the beginning of the relationship.  You can let go of the marriage, the vows, regrets and anger and forgive Self. 

Do I have to do the UnMarrying Ritual with my partner? (Most asked question)

 No, each partner can do it alone, However, the Ritual process is very powerful and NOT confrontational. The UnMarrying Ritual helps you see and feel that You do not need to take these misunderstood patterns into your next relationship. An UnMarrying Ritual takes about 2 hours and can be done in person or on Zoom.

What is the cost? $100.00 (for approximately 2 hours)

Isis Charest has been facilitating UnMarrying Rituals since 1987. She realized after another divorce that she wanted healing and in asking for help created the UnMarrying Ritual. Over the years and many UnMarrying Rituals she has realized how important the Ritual is not just for the couple but for their children as well because without forgiveness children can become the victims of the blame and hurt not healed. Call for information 206-883-5568


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