The Biggest Lie

Today I can’t contain this information I hold or the words that are begging to be shouted out for all to hear.

We must open .. to loving Darkness .. as much as Light ..or we will not be able to move out of patriarchy. We have been living in a only Light is sacred time until Light/Fire is becoming out of balance and destructive.

If our planet didn’t rotate into Darkness it would have burned up long ago.
If we didn’t have darkness we would Do, Do, Do until we burned up or burned out. This is when depression moves in.

In order to accept wholeness we must let go of Needing … Desiring .. good and polarities and the biggest polarity is Light versus Dark.

Our whole solar system lives in dark energy .. which is actually magnetic potential. Potential resides in Darkness and is the energy needed for creation … for creating and it is FREE.

However, we have been told for thousands of years that darkness is bad .. that everything bad is “dark” then only those who understand this LIE can prosper.