Ancient Memories

The beginning of a mystical, suspenseful, paranormal adventure!

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Ancient Memories

Many, many thousands of years have passed since five immortals Osiris, Isis Set, Horus and Nephthys unintentionally imprinted the energy body of Earth with rage, revenge and sorrow. They have finally healed and reincarnated to heal their mess …  but first they must connect!


Curses of Spirits

Awakening Earth Chronicles, Book 2

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Curses of SpiritsA new dream is affecting Earth including Sea life, birds and many animals making them act in strange ways. Four immortals have already connected, Only one  left and the huge healing of Life on Earth will begin! Already so many are dreaming the “Singanewsong dream!”

The exciting, epic  conclusion of

Awakening Earth Chronicles, Book 3


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A convoy of Singanewsong Dreamers are radiating golden energy and inspiring more and more dreamers. But satellites have picked up strange happenings in the Atlantic ocean. Only the Singanewsong Dreamers are connected to the voice of Earth. Are there enough dreamers to help with the storm that is brewing?

Fear of Uniting (Awaking Earth Chronicles) (Volume 3)