Ancient Memories

The beginning of a mystical, suspenseful, paranormal adventure

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Ancient MemoriesMany, many thousands of years have passed since five immortals unintentionally imprinted the energy body of Earth with rage, revenge and sorrow.

As a stream of golden energy connects the hearts of Isis Sinclair and James Osiris Osborn, an exciting new adventure begins to unfold for them, one that connects their ancient past to the present. Isis is in Seattle, and Osiris is in Peru. What will happen if they reunite physically, when their ancient past memories have made it so unsafe to come together? Will they still be attracted to one another? Can Osiris trust their golden energy connection to guide him to Isis? Can Isis trust that Osiris will listen to the messages he is receiving and find his way to her? Is what they hear within real, including the singanewsong dream invading their sleep? Is there a bigger plan awaiting that they have yet to see? The time has come to remember those ancient memories, to reconnect, and to imprint the pattern that was originally intended.

Awakening Earth Chronicles, Book 2

Curses of Spirits

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Curses of SpiritsSea life, birds and many animals are acting in strange ways, affecting the health, lifestyle and economy of the United States. President Francys Dunning must make difficult decisions with no past history to guide her. Her powerful dreams lead her to Isis Sinclair and Osiris Osborn, who are connecting people having the singanewsong dreams. Someone must sing a new song and become a messenger of Earth/Gaia.

President Dunning travels to Oklahoma to observe another strange Earth occurrence and meets the coach filled with singanewsong dreamers, and possibly the love of her life. None of them realize that their meeting, in the heart of their own country, will lead them on an amazing journey, a journey where they meet a multitude of Spirits, choosing to be visible, and begin imprinting a new cycle of emotional energy on Earth.

The exciting, epic conclusion of Awakening Earth Chronicles!

President Francys Dunning, the first female president of the United States, returns to D.C. She and her convoy of singanewsong dreamers are radiating golden energy. But she returns from her healing trip to Oklahoma to find the plunging economy has turned powerful forces in her own government against her. They have found a way to immobilize her and her close companions, Horus Souliman, Isis Sinclair, Osiris Osborn and Seth Carlson. The country is now in the hands of those wanting to normalize the economy by reopening air and ocean transports, but vessels become technologically incapacitated, and numerous military ships do not make it back to port. Satellites detect unknown energy frequencies in the Atlantic Ocean. Something more is going on that only President Francys Dunning and her singanewsong dreamers are aware of, and only they can solve. But are there enough human dreamers ready to help with the storm that is brewing?