I realize I am a transformer. I laugh when I say that word because it reminds me of those toys called transformers. But I’m not a toy. I live and love for transformation, to allow transformation to occur. I didn’t  realize it was a gift and not so easy for others to move into. I didn’t realize my whole life had been on that ride until I started writing, Awakening Earth Chronicles. I was startled by the  miracles that occurred in these novels, how some of these miracles became visible in my/our outer life a year later. It blew me away.  This visibility isn’t literal like our left brain wants realty to be, but I united Native Americans in Curses of Spirits which I published in 2015 and they did unite around Stading Rock water issues  a year later.  I could not  .. not see it! Does the thought have to be put out into the visible world first? Was it already manifesting and I saw it in my mind’s eye and included it or?

I still wonder about that and it definitely makes it harder to write. Am I sure this is what needs to go out into our world? I do focus on positive changes rather than creating terrorism. (at least I see my writing that way)

I  have to be willing to experience transformation in my beliefs thru my writing. I invite transformation to enter my story, I have no idea what that means when I start or where the story will lead me. I start with present time and go forward into the future, what isn’t known or probably experienced yet, sometimes slipping back into the past and what has already occurred to bring it to a new place, to transform belief of . I ask Earth/Gaia to lead, to create a newpath/way of perceiving life.  And then a story unfolds.



Invisible Made Visible

Love is an invisible energy and yet we do our best to try to make it visible. The media celebrates love in it’s less loving form on Valentine’s day, or Mother’s day and Father’s day.  If we don’t have a positive experience there we invite in another invisible energy called guilt.

We need mirrors/reflections for us to see if we are doing love or not because we want it to be personal. We can kid our selves into seeing love (thinking we are loved or not) from our mate, friends, family, community  or church. But it always remains an energy which we must trust we are sensing/seeing and trust our intuition to act upon allowing this energy to become bigger and stronger. It is not visible to our two eyes so we act a certain way that supports/confirms our/their belief about “love”. Love energy is light, delicate, gentle.  We must learn to trust this delicate energy, be gentle and grateful and in the moment with this energy experience. But sometimes our love experience can change …  in an instant … and we are left feeling  a huge hole where we’d invited love in. This is the most dangerous time because in our need to hide this hole, we might invite fear in.

Fear on the other hand is BIG and heavy and jumps out at us in our news media in bold letters and loud voices, blasting out the ugly deeds done by a person, or persons, or country, or dictator or man to a woman or? It’s the grab point in many books we read, movies we watch, in our political system, sometimes our jobs. Fear energy adds intense drama, excitement and stress. It demands visibility. It bears down on our body in a crushing way, making it hard to breathe. It also makes our bodies to vulnerable to see/feel the light and delicate energy of love.

We as humans have learned to  make the energy of fear VERY visible and then to act on it in deadly ways.

It MUST be time to welcome  LOVE and learn the intricacies of uniting in new ways.

Mystery, Synchronicity and Miracles

Mystery, synchronicity and miracles are all elements from the invisible world. But this world is only invisible because we have been trained to believe that. If we open to believe it is real and can be seen with our inner senses then we open to new experiences. It is all about learning to trust these inner senses.

When my little dog Lovey died she came to me every night for two weeks as soon as I got into bed. She was a little Chihuahua and could not get onto the bed by herself and so she would come to the side of my bed, once I was in it, and would make this  “Eh, eh,eh,” sound and I would pick her up and bring her into my bed. The night she died she came, invisible to see, but I could hear her. It was a challenge finding her “body” to pick her up. She would make the sound and I followed her voice. I could feel her energy body, the space she took, in my bed.

After two weeks I heard her say, “I can not hold this dog form any longer but I will always be with you, in your heart.”

I feel much gratitude that I trusted my inner senses and had this last experience with Lovey.

Witnessing the Invisible World

Writing Awakening Earth Chronicles was a way for me to unfold  numerous invisible dimensions and show the power available and the changes that could happen by walking that path. If we were trained to believe in this ability to visit other dimensions,  to see, hear, touch, smell, and hear with our inner senses in  these invisible dimensions it would be easy for us and our “real world” would be very different. But our western world doesn’t want our attention to go there. It is saved for books and movies to entertain us and continue the lie. We are told to focus on the rational and that only special people can see those strange things and those people don’t fit into the “real” world. If you want to fit into the real world, don’t go there.

But what if Einstein hadn’t gone there, or Tesla?  I love what Einstein said, “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”

(The opposite direction is away from separation and constant warring, a much more loving place. My words)

That is where the invisible waits for us, in that huge denied part we’ve been trained to be afraid of. Dreams, if paid attention to, can unlock the doors to this invisible realm. But we have to move into a place of trusting our self rather than all those outer authorities to be comfortable seeing and hearing family or friends who have passed from our “real world”,  or animals that speak to us.

I invite you into a new vista, a new way to think and experience with your inner senses.  It’s up to you to welcome magic, synchronicity and miracles into your life.