We Are Water (2)

We are water, our bodies, like that of our home, Earth is about 70% water. Water has many personalities, each serving a purpose, just as we do. It is intriguing to look at how alike we are.

I would say I’ve been a river most of my life. Always moving, doing, creating, but also serving others as a mother, wife, business owner, healer and teacher. Sometimes as River, I felt flooded and moved fast and furious, sometimes I became “droughted” and felt as if there wasn’t enough of me to go around, to do the nourishing I signed up for. I moved a lot as a child, maintained few friends, went to many different schools, had little connection to relatives except for siblings, and I am the eldest. As River, my course has always been toward Oneness, the Ocean.

As I have been trying to understand myself as water I’ve looked at others and realize I sometimes drool at the idea of being a lake instead of a river. They are more stationary, more community-minded. Their movements more gentle. My daughters had/have a more stationary life. They lived in the same house in their growing up years, went to school with the same kids, played with the same neighborhood friends, lived safely by the same neighbors, all aging together in a small town. Everybody knows who you are. Lake energy nourishes, but differently than River. To be continued.



We Are Water

We are at least 70 percent water. This is a fact. But until we experience self as water we have no real concept of what that means or how our experience of water affects us emotionally or our relationships with others.

Water can be a river, on a journey to the ocean, flowing night and day. A fast flowing river has little time to notice or nurture what comes to them and feels much different than a large slow moving river. When we are this fast moving river we are all about experience with no time to see or feel how our experience is affecting us. Very busy.

And then there are lakes. Our families, jobs, churches can be lakes or ponds. Lakes and ponds become connected to their surroundings, the terrain which holds the life within them, and all life that comes to them to be nurtured. There is little movement in a lake or pond. In small lake and pond energy everyone knows whats going on, the names of people, what they do, who they are related to, married to.  There is a larger sense of involvement.  Lakes and ponds are pulled or rocked by the moon. But they stay in one place.

However, a lake or ponds water can become stagnant, polluted or be totally used up by plant life. A person identifying as a small lake or pond can feel depressed, stuck. To step out of this feeling one must choose another course, of water. Become a river, a bigger lake,  a cloud, or as big as the ocean.

We can be huge, like the ocean, being pulled by the moon 2x a day for our movement. The hugeness does not foster a sense of personal connection, but does foster unity as we are pulled with the tide. Cities are like the ocean. Lots of people but not a lot of connection. But think of the amount of sloshing water in all those people as we are rocked by tides each day!

Change can occur in any water thru evaporation as water is lifted into the air for another kind of experience.We can become little clouds floating in the air, connecting with more moisture  and growing  into bigger clouds waiting for the opportunity to drop as rain and begin a new experience.


Shifting Frequencies

I have been aware for some time  of  expressing creatively in numerous ways. My favorite expressions are painting, writing, teaching, sewing, and cooking. They are all creative for me and I know I am not in the same frequency as I express in these different creative endeavors.  I am not aware of what these frequencies actually are if I had the creative talent (or interest) to put them into sound so I could listen to the sound that would shift me.

My challenge, (and perhaps you, reading this, have experiences you could share)  is moving from one frequency to another with intention.  If I am in the painter frequency I am not a good writer. If I’m in the writer frequency I’m not very artistic as a painter. My cook is obviously close to the painter because she likes a lot of color in our food. I have started numerous paintings that I quickly grew bored with before I realized I wasn’t in the painter frequency.

I thought it should be easy to call up the frequency I want but of course that is my mind talking. The teacher in me is quite interested in how to do this, but apparently needs a new frequency called “student.”  I have read that what talents we may have but don’t use, we lose. But do they actually waste away or do we have to shift into the energy where they are stored?

I did psychic past life readings and channeled much of my novels. I can not just do these without shifting my energy. I wish I knew how to develop an App for my phone that could copy my frequency and store the sound wave so I could call them up when needed! Maybe YOU know how to do this???

Check out Awakening Earth Chronicles, the characters dance in  numerous frequencies. http://www.isischarest.com