Opening a New Door

We as Americans are looking for a new personality for our country. We are looking as far right and as far left as possible. What does that really mean? This election will be about extremes: the people verses corporations, news media verses social media, socialism verses capitalism, little money verses billionaires, equality verses oligarchy, the 2 parties choices verses the people’s choices, diplomacy verses military control, our freedom rights verses planned reversal of many rights already granted, responsibility for climate change verses total denial. And naivety verses eyes wide open.

In the search for my own spiritual identity I too have reached far into and outside myself to find what rings true for me. A great shift in my life opened that door. I walked in and my life changed, my choices changed. It wasn’t easy but I have no regrets.

A shift has been happening not just in our country but on this planet; a new door has creaked open but the old one has neon signs flashing around it, trying to draw people away from the new one. We  will vote on which door we will open and money buys votes.

Many people have gathered around the new door and some have peeked in curiously. It doesn’t  look familiar.What if we choose it and then don’t like it?  Will enough people risk   peeking into the new land behind the new door or will they run back to what feels secure, even though it isn’t,  just because they recognize it?

We had an opportunity to open a new door in 2000 but many forces and money pushed that door closed and posted Not Available signs around it.  We went back to the old way of war and making money in the arms business in which the US is the biggest peddler and the wealthy  got wealthier. People are scared but we have to choose … which fear is the scariest? Staying stuck or walking through  the new door?

I vote for the new door … that’s Bernie.