What women are saying about Awakening Earth Chronicles

Your dialog was scribed in a way that was a gentle nudge toward awakening the individual reader. A precise reminder of why we as individuals are here on this plane … the intuitive … the healer … the dreamer … the artist … the one who talks to trees, horses and rocks. As I read I could see you weaving us all into this beautiful soul cloth. Our purpose to step forward together as one for the highest good of all … reminding us that we may walk as a solitary but in truth are supported and loved by many … A tribe of women that will no longer be silent. Chrissy Rosten

Women’s voices and Awakening Earth Chronicles

Your novels called forth an even stronger longing in me for everything to be true and real … like intuition, telepathy, and dreams. That your visualization of a larger awakening is on it’s way … and also the power of animals and spirits back us up. Your books gave me HOPE.

Charlotte Wennergren

I experienced HOPE when reading Awakening Earth Chronicles and loved how people connected and worked together both when awake and while dreaming. These books are encouraging for the possibility of a future living in harmony with mother Earth and all beings

Patricia Clarkin

I personally aligned with the narrative and its positive outcome. It is a visionary narrative around empowered possibilities for our structure of government and for the roles of individuals on the journey of change that benefits all.

Melissa Wadsworth

Let’s build something together.