We Are Water (2)

We are water, our bodies, like that of our home, Earth is about 70% water. Water has many personalities, each serving a purpose, just as we do. It is intriguing to look at how alike we are.

I would say I’ve been a river most of my life. Always moving, doing, creating, but also serving others as a mother, wife, business owner, healer and teacher. Sometimes as River, I felt flooded and moved fast and furious, sometimes I became “droughted” and felt as if there wasn’t enough of me to go around, to do the nourishing I signed up for. I moved a lot as a child, maintained few friends, went to many different schools, had little connection to relatives except for siblings, and I am the eldest. As River, my course has always been toward Oneness, the Ocean.

As I have been trying to understand myself as water I’ve looked at others and realize I sometimes drool at the idea of being a lake instead of a river. They are more stationary, more community-minded. Their movements more gentle. My daughters had/have a more stationary life. They lived in the same house in their growing up years, went to school with the same kids, played with the same neighborhood friends, lived safely by the same neighbors, all aging together in a small town. Everybody knows who you are. Lake energy nourishes, but differently than River. To be continued.



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