We Are Water (3)

Today I am Ocean. Very large, my energy is all within, nuturing many, many different life forms. I can feel large beings moving  inside me and hear their calls to each other, letting me know they are okay.

My movement is not initiated by me, rather I am pulled by the moon and just as I begin to relax I am pulled back to where I was, every day I am lulled by this rhythm. Sometimes wind calls to  me and we dance together gently, sometimes we play aggressively.

I am also aware of many, many rivers coming to visit and then they leave me as tiny drops in the air. I don’t always get to say goodbye and wish them well on their new journey. Sometimes they return to me as raindrops and we party and dance.

I also feel disturbing noises at my surface, large entities that feel like they care not for me at all. Sometimes they enter me and I feel raped by their aggression, their lack of empathy for me and their sounds that scatter my own life forms. They leave what my life forms can not consume.

I am water, I live in you. (To be continued)



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