Energy Ownership

The information that’s been coming in today, as I send energy out,  is about sharing verses owning energy. Nature freely disperses energy, constantly sharing, but as humans we play differently and want to own energy. I hadn’t seen it this way before today.  We are taught that to be winners we should own our home,  own a great view, our car, our children, our clothes, our experiences, our judgments our bank account, our phone. However, what we call ours, or what we own is boxed in, (banked), energetically held in our body and what I call the aura around us. What we are capable of holding onto constitutes a level of greed I had not recognized before. A greed for energy.

To continuously share energy is to allow energy to move thru us verses wanting it all for self because I deserve it all.  These people feel big energetically as well as wealthy financially. Our culture sees this accumulation of energy as the most desired.

One can also take in large amounts  of energy and hold it tightly for analysis, or because its bad or because it’s a secret, or because it’s mine alone. I realize on writing this that indigenous people tend to live without owning everything around them. We consider them poor.

As women we tend to own and hold onto emotions. It is our wealth. But I spent years thinking I was  letting go of emotions I’d stored up in my life,while I re-experienced them over and over. I made my living helping others do the same.  I had not until today seen this accumulation of emotions as  a type of ownweship/greed. (Or wealth)  I know women who feel they must own every emotion, thought and belief that surfaces in their relationships, especially the ones judged bad. Weeks can go by as these emotions are analyzed, sometimes even years! Is this  another way of counting our “money”, just not the current wealth indicator? Most of us doing this emotional work have seen it as saving our world. We believe we are emotionally cleaning up after those who don’t do it for themselves. But perhaps their wealth indicator comes from hoarding another kind of energy.

Our environment is a reflection of our stuff, stuff (energy) we don’t want, that gets dumped into huge gaping holes in our mother Earth.  Who is going to own the energy of this garbage? It could be a type of wealth to someone.

Our society is out of balance (my judgment). Some people are capable of pulling in and holding onto lots of energy and become extremly wealthy, owning numerous homes,businesses, cars, etc while many others are not only homeless, they may own very little. But greed/owership is acceptable in our culture. The monetarily wealthy now own most of what we call wealth in our country. And yet many homeless people are more likely to share what little they have.

What happens when the wealthy continue to suck in and hold more and more energy? What would happen if our view of wealth shifted? What if holding onto energy became too difficult and  we began to give more energy rather than hold onto it?

I don’t have an answer, maybe you do and can help me understand.


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