We Are Water

We are at least 70 percent water. This is a fact. But until we experience self as water we have no real concept of what that means or how our experience of water affects us emotionally or our relationships with others.

Water can be a river, on a journey to the ocean, flowing night and day. A fast flowing river has little time to notice or nurture what comes to them and feels much different than a large slow moving river. When we are this fast moving river we are all about experience with no time to see or feel how our experience is affecting us. Very busy.

And then there are lakes. Our families, jobs, churches can be lakes or ponds. Lakes and ponds become connected to their surroundings, the terrain which holds the life within them, and all life that comes to them to be nurtured. There is little movement in a lake or pond. In small lake and pond energy everyone knows whats going on, the names of people, what they do, who they are related to, married to.  There is a larger sense of involvement.  Lakes and ponds are pulled or rocked by the moon. But they stay in one place.

However, a lake or ponds water can become stagnant, polluted or be totally used up by plant life. A person identifying as a small lake or pond can feel depressed, stuck. To step out of this feeling one must choose another course, of water. Become a river, a bigger lake,  a cloud, or as big as the ocean.

We can be huge, like the ocean, being pulled by the moon 2x a day for our movement. The hugeness does not foster a sense of personal connection, but does foster unity as we are pulled with the tide. Cities are like the ocean. Lots of people but not a lot of connection. But think of the amount of sloshing water in all those people as we are rocked by tides each day!

Change can occur in any water thru evaporation as water is lifted into the air for another kind of experience.We can become little clouds floating in the air, connecting with more moisture  and growing  into bigger clouds waiting for the opportunity to drop as rain and begin a new experience.



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