Why an UnMarrying Ritual?

Because Divorce is a Family issue that affects You, your Spouse and Your Children

Divorce is a legal remedy to financially balance the 2 parties from a marriage. Divorce does NOT deal with the emotional issues from marriages and it does not deal with the emotional issues of the children of any marriage unless emotional issues are understood and forgiveness invited in.

If projections are not reclaimed it is more likely that there will be attraction to the same emotional pattern in next relationship.

If there are children involved in a divorce those patterns can also be projected onto them. There is some evidence to show that children experiencing three or more transitions in family structure are much more likely to experience divorce later in their own lives compared to children who did not experience such family transition. 

  Certain studies have shown that daughters of divorced parents have a higher divorce rate in marriages than children of non-divorced parents. Its harder to feel loved when you don’t know what love is.

What does an UnMarrying Ritual accomplish? 

 It supports both parties in reclaiming their own spiritual and emotional power, which unintentionally gets projected onto one’s partner creating strange polarities/patterns that weren’t obvious at the beginning of the relationship.  You can let go of the marriage, the vows, regrets and anger and forgive Self. 

Do I have to do the UnMarrying Ritual with my partner? (Most asked question)

 No, each partner can do it alone, However, the Ritual process is very powerful and NOT confrontational. The UnMarrying Ritual helps you see and feel that You do not need to take these misunderstood patterns into your next relationship. An UnMarrying Ritual takes about 2 hours and can be done in person or on Zoom.

What is the cost? $100.00 (for approximately 2 hours)

Isis Charest has been facilitating UnMarrying Rituals since 1987. She realized after another divorce that she wanted healing and in asking for help created the UnMarrying Ritual. Over the years and many UnMarrying Rituals she has realized how important the Ritual is not just for the couple but for their children as well because without forgiveness children can become the victims of the blame and hurt not healed. Call for information 206-883-5568


Loving Trees

I have loved trees for a long time, but talking and listening to them is new.
This dream I had recently shook me deeply and awakened a need to go deeper into communicating with trees.

A dream woke me this morning, it was actually a foot tall sapling, a baby pine. Her roots were being touched and nourished by an Elder pine. She must be Elder because she’s very tall and sapling can feel her love. But then a few humans come along with a very noisy something and sapling hears Elder crying, then the ground shakes intensely as Elder falls, the tenuous connection of the two pulling away from Sapling and Sapling feels the huge loss of love from Elder plus the lost root connection and wonders if she can make it in this lonely human world.

I felt nauseous and very tearful.I decided I needed to do more to understand our relationship with trees. I wanted to talk to other people who also communicated with trees so I created a flyer and in my walk with my dog Sammy, I stopped at 15 homes with big elder trees and left a flier on their door asking them to call me to be interviewed for an article I was writing if they too communicated with the big Elder tree in their yard. I shared some of my beliefs and experiences.I didn’t ask the trees that day if the human in the house communicated.

So far no calls.

Today I walked by 9 of those trees on our walk again. I asked each tree, does any human in this house talk to you. I got more no’s than yeses. One of the larger trees said it was threatened to be cut down often because it made humans house too dark, Other trees said humans were angry if they had to pick up their branches or cones. Only one tree of the 9 felt loved even though they all have a very large presence of love that extends out many feet from their trunk.

Mostly trees said humans talk at them but don’t ask questions or expect a reply. I plan on visiting with more trees this week.



The difference between thinking about a word or feeling a word can be compared to wading into a lukewarm lake verses diving into warm, aqua blue water surrounded by colorful tropical fish or another view might be walking on a sidewalk with cars rushing by verses walking on a soft green moss path surrounded by towering pine trees and blooming Rhodys.  We can think words, we can feel words and its best if we can do both.

I’ve heard the words rooted and up-rooted all my life. I did spend 5 years of my childhood on a farm. My mother was raised on a farm as well. I was uprooted  many times in my childhood and have done it to myself numerous times in adulthood. But this year I became a #TreeSister and connected with the deep feeling of being rooted in a forest of trees. Trees of many species with deep roots feeding and communicating at this rooted level. Nurturing and giving to each without concern for race or creed, or if the other had done enough to deserve anything.

Feelings washed over me of how up-rooted the people of our country are, of how people  world wide have been up-rooted to start over because of drought, or war or famine or tsunamis or hurricanes. The connection to the land one loved severed as well as one’s family roots. This up-rooting leads us into individuality. But the price of individuality and no roots is a fear of being alone, our up-rootedness looming within, mostly unspoken.

In a meditation I saw and felt that we and our planet have been going through a separation pattern for a long time for this experience of individuality.  We are often up- rooted to experience something new. Perhaps go off to school or off to war, get married, move to a new place, country or a new job. We up-rooted all the natives that live on this land,  who were very deeply rooted in their culture, connection to Earth Mother and making sites sacred.

This up-rooting leaves a hole in the land, in the family, in relationships which  fills in  with something new and we(I) find out, we can not go back. Our roots will not fit in that old hole if we could even find it. We have been learning to live without roots and the people we were rooted to have learned to live without us.

But in this seeking for individualism we are also changing Mother Earth.   We cut down huge forests  and if trees are replanted it is often only one species, for fast growth and money value, creating a sense of racism within the tree species. Huge fields of one crop, massive buildings full of  “perfect” chickens,  pigs and cows genetically enhanced to grow fast for money return mot caring about the lives of these animals.  Even our monetary system has been reduced to one global system.

But the fear factor created by individualism, that feeling of being alone, grows and the call for change is in the air. Many of us hear, feel and see the need for change.  The need to unite in a new way and create roots consciously, more in service to/with Mother Earth is rising up.  Now i can see that I wrote Awakening Earth Chronicles and especially Fear of Uniting so I could learn this! http://www.isischarest.com

If you are called to heal your up-rooting check out http://www.billiontrees.me