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Fear of Uniting Book 3 of Awakening Earth Chronicles

By Isis Charest

First female president of the United States, President Francys Dunning returns to D.C. She and her convoy of singanewsong dreamers are radiating golden energy. But she returns, from her healing trip to Oklahoma, to find the plunging economy has turned powerful forces in her own government against her. They have found a way to immobilize her and her close companions, Horus Souliman, Isis Sinclair, Osiris Osborn and Seth Carlson.The country is now in the hands of those wanting to normalize the economy by reopening air and ocean transports but vessels become technologically incapacitated and numerous military ships do not make it back to port. Satellites detect unknown energy frequencies in the Atlantic Ocean. Something more is going on that only President Francys Dunning and her singanewsong dreamers are aware of and only they can solve. But are there enough human dreamers ready to help with the storm that is brewing?

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