Darkness is the most abused context perhaps ever given to one word. So much negativity is projected onto this word darkness, a very natural part of our day.  Darkness and Light follow a pattern of more dark time in the winter and more light time in the summer with equal light and dark two times a year. Darkness makes up the highest percentage of the universe. Without Darkness we would burn up and our planetary home would burn up.

So why do we want to make Darkness evil and bad and daylight good?

There is a pattern of awake and productive “doing” associated with daylight but when we are done working (being productive) Darkness sets in and wham, it’s evil, bad, illegal. All kinds of bad things are supposed to happen in the dark. And yet most war happens during daylight hours but war is an accepted fire energy. My big question is; why is it that light and fire also have such a powerful place in religion, teaching that we must rise to the highest in the light?

Interestingly darkness is associated with female energy while sun/fire is associated with male energy. It makes it very difficult to bring these two energies into equality. Our society worships light, which pushes everyone into more fire energy, more doing. If we aren’t “doing” we feel worthless. And now we spend more time playing with our phones (light/fire) instead being in nature and enjoying the true essence of darkness.

Science still says it doesn’t know what darkness does but some years ago I had a very powerful spiritual experience of visiting the darkness of the universe. It was extremely peaceful. I was told it was the home of unmanifested potential, that energy/power available for creating. The child in the womb is created in darkness. Darkness opens doors for our (night) dreams to connect us to the larger planetary whole while we sleep in darkness.

Huge amounts of people turned out to watch the eclipse, the shadow on the land caused by the moon hiding the sun. Hopefully that means we will soon celebrate Darkness as an equal and necessary part of life and learn to use words that actually describe evil acts and negative emotions that take place as much in daylight hours as they do in darkness.

My novels Awakening Earth Chronicles are about healing this ancient habit of blaming darkness for everything.



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