About Isis Charest

Creativity is strong for me. I’m also an artist using watercolor and acrylic mediums. The walls of my home are covered with my paintings, and there are a few under my bed awaiting their turn to be seen!

My first vocation was as an interior designer, learning to define color, seeing what people really wanted in their homes, which was often different than what they said they wanted, and showing them their real dream. I did it, but I couldn’t explain how. My two lovely daughters grew up during this time.

I chose Conscious Breathing as my second vocation. I facilitated clients to use their breath to release old, frozen emotions in their muscles and organs that were holding memories (usually not fun ones) of this life and other lives. I now see how I helped others redo their own inner re-designing. It was an invisible field of work that’s rewarding in many ways, but not always monetarily, since we tend to seek help when our lives are falling apart!

My third career was creating and sewing custom slipcovers. The client chose a new fabric and look for an old sofa or chair, and I redesigned and sewed it. I needed more physical grounding, to see more physical manifestation on my path.

My writing was class materials for my different vocations until I started this story of Isis and Osiris. I love writing, allowing a story to emerge to see where it goes. I have written a couple shorter stories and may combine them in book.