I have been journaling my dreams for numerous years. I’ve learned things about myself I couldn’t learn any other way. I’ve found some of my dreams to be extremely enlightening and other times frustrating because the information received from  the dreamer is a different language. A language of words and symbols that doesn’t fit into our logical way of thinking. And the idea that we all use the same symbols is as ridiculous as thinking our beliefs are all the same. So why do we dream?

I believe we dream to connect to a larger aspect of ourself, the parts (or information) we ignore in our everyday life. We also dream to bring more meaning to our lives. Sometimes people have nightmares not understanding that the dream is to help them see their fear and that fears can be dealt with much easier in our dream state. We dream to check out new experiences before we do it physically. or  to empower our self in new ways, like flying. Sometimes we dream the future. Sometimes we dream about how we have given up the drivers seat of our life.

I used to use my dreams, as an interior designer, to see the room(s) I was working on connected to the owner and get a more clear vision of what to do with their room(s) . I found out i could connect to their own dreams of what they really wanted.  I also dreamed a great deal of my novel/story in Awakening Earth Chronicles. Scenes unfolded in my drams that my logical mind would not have imagined.  I see dreaming as our personal connection to fullfillment.

To remember your dreams you must make a commitment by saying out loud “I want to remember my dreams” AND then writing them down. there is often a strong emotion in our drams that wakes us with full memory. opening to our dream self is like  a marriage, a deep commitment to ones Self. 


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by Isis Charest

I came into this world

a seed


Like a tree, a flower, a fern

I grew upward and outward

was busy

watching the sun

dancing in the rain

smelling fragrant flowers

and tasting the joy of life.


a new bud unfolded

a new me came forth

A me I didn’t know

She wanted new music

a different dance step.

She promised

We could do it together

We became great friends


as blooms do

she faded,

Her time had come and gone

Sadness overwhelmed me


Darkness moved in

embraced me

whispered soothing sounds

and kept me company

sleep was my new partner


I heard a new voice


Its time to share some light

She was wise and caring

she made me laugh

and was my delight

I forgot she was a bloom

until that sad day

she whispered goodbye

and faded away

I didn’t know what to say or do

felt intensely alone


Darkness embraced me

whispered soothing sounds

held and protected


while yet another bud begin to form

I held tightly to darkness

remembering this pattern of romance


A voice

asked for my help

I was afraid to let go

She whispered

Each bud has a plan

I need you to bloom

I pretended not to hear


She cried out

Let me breathe

I felt a wave of fear

She begged me for help

I begged her

Be still


Her bloom burst open

and love

poured forth.


I saw my true friend

Not the blossom

of new experiences

but Darkness


Co-Creator of blossoms.

The Dance of I AM

The Dance of I AM

We are all unique manifestations of The One.

Whenever 2 or more come together with

sincere desire for the company of that


expansion occurs.

You think it is the other person

that makes you feel so good, so alive, so happy

but it is really an expansion of energy that occurs.

We could call that energy by different names

but I am going to refer to it as

The I AM energy.

The I AM is present when 2 people make love

When a mother feels the newly formed child.

A newly formed family becomes 3,

a larger experience of The One.

If a family breaks up

the loss is not only of the person one knows

but that extra energy of I AM.

We form our identity from this larger Oneness

Oneness can be positive or negative

If a family presents a negative experience

the desire for Oneness as one grows up

may be for more experiences that create negative emotions

or alone-ness

shunning the pain that accompanied

those personal experiences

of The One,

not fully comprehending how important this really is.

If the family grows, adding more siblings,

the energy of the I AM as love, also increases.

If each member of the family, is loved and appreciated

the energy of I AM is expanded in each person.

If a member of the family is

left out, shunned for whatever reason

their experience

of separation

from the Oneness is intensified

When 2 people come together in any emotion

the emotion has an extra charge

in love it is expanded


it is also expanded in hatred or rage or fear.

Feeling larger,

harder to deal with,

bigger than what feels like

our own stuff.



So much of our lives are lived in the invisible realms. It happens but we cant see it. Shifting from one frequency to another is an invisible experience. Very few people speak of it, but we’ve all experienced getting stuck in a frequency. The one that comes to mind today has to to do with parents and grown children because I am about to visit my grown daughter, grandchildren and great grand children. If I shift into my old mother role (I was a strong mother) I will also trigger shifts in all of them.

We all develop many parts (frequencies) of our self, whatever we put a lot of time into, becomes a comfortable frequency. (or even uncomfortable) If one’s career demands they be a decision maker, it can be difficult to shift out of that frequency with a partner or ones children. If one’s career is caretaker, it may find it difficult to shift and so continue to take too much responsibility for partner, children or friends. Since it’s all invisible,  understanding how and when to shift and how  powerful it feels when  we learn this magic.

Remember walking in the door to your parents house and boom, you feel like a kid again? You shifted into that old child frequency and then your parent is triggered (or may have triggered you) to shift into their old parental role and the old relationship frequency pops up. It might be fun for a short time but then can become a power struggle

Parent and child are each a different frequency (and development) and the relationship between them is also a frequency. No matter how old we are when we  visit our parents, we tend to revisit that child frequency. It can be difficult, as an older parent, to not shift into that old relationship frequency and treat our grown child from that old frequency. Which is why  it is very important to consciously develop a new relationship that allows child and parent to feel more equal. Getting stuck in these old frequencies can be irritating for young people trying to live at home once they have left and developed a frequency of being on their own and equally frustrating for the parent who thought their child had grown up but is still acting like a child.  A new relationship frequency must be created or both will automatically revert back to what was developed and often feel irritated because they don’t know how it happened or how to escape it.

The first step is recognizing something just occurred and you feel different. We can become aware of where our energy sits in our body during whatever skill we are involved in. Am I in my head? My throat? My heart? My solar plexus? My tummy? My genitals? Out in space? Once I know where I  am in my body I can choose to move.

I will follow up next week with more ways to move. You can email me with any questions at isis.charest@gmail.com


Program Love

It feels as if we, as humans, are at a cross road. The road has dead ended and we can choose to go left or right. We can’t see very far either way as we sit trying to decide which way to turn.

One way leads into the past and the other the future. The past is where we have created the patterns of our life that pop up when ever making a decision. We often think we are moving forward and yet only faces or the countryside changes.  Our thinking, responding and reacting has us well programed.

In order to move towards the future we must update our programing. (just like we have to update our computers) The update I saw (in a dream) is choosing to retire (delete) our program called: Fear, who will survive and thrive, that  leads us toward fight or flight and competition. There are so many of us now that moving in this direction will be more dangerous than ever before.

The new program is called: Love, unity, equality and community, what I do and give to others is returned to me. The fullness of what we give and receive will change our relationship with all Life forms.

To delete the old program:  visualize a button connected to your belly button that says: Push here to delete Fear program, Push  that button with your pointer finger of right hand and breathe deeply until  you can not hold any more breath. Exhale all breath in one big  HA, release your hold on the button  and take 12 slow inhales and exhales. A flashing light will say : Are you sure you want to delete this program? YES  NO  Push button YES.  If you feel fearful of deleting you can redo this deleting process until you can push YES button.

To install new Love program: Visualize a large green button in center of your chest at heart level. A  flashing green sign appears and says:  to install LOVE  program. place  fingers from both hands on large green button (fingers pointing inward). Inhale deeply thru nose, exhale slowly thru mouth 12 times. A flashing message will appear saying : Love program installed.  (if you feel dubious you may reinstall until you feel the shift.) )

It works, Please share!




In my novels, Awakening Earth Chronicles, I asked the question: what would it take to unite all  people on Earth? It was a much bigger challenge than I realized! However, something big happened in my story that I would not have thought of, or dreamed of, without that focused thought. Writing does that, allows me to go much deeper into a subject.

At this point in time, as I look outward, it feels as if we, as a people,  are more separated and less willing to agree with another persons views. But maybe we have finally reached a place where we are becoming more connected to our own truth. In my novels, my characters become very aware of their connection to the consciousness of Earth/Gaia. The voice they hear within and in their dreams leads each person and they become aware that each person has a special wisdom and all their responses are needed to arrive at the biggest picture of any challenge. This voice needs to be spoken, made audible, by each person. They do not have the same thoughts,  are not clones, but rather each person has answers from their own journey that are needed.

If one person is afraid, doesn’t trust or is unwilling to voice, to share,  their special piece of this puzzle there is a hole, information that is needed is not available to the whole and the steps taken without this important piece may lead the whole group astray. Perhaps we are looking outward for agreement rather than experiencing the shift in consciousness where we see important pieces of information from each person we didn’t have before.










Beliefs are a fascinating aspect of our visible/invisible world.  I had two big wake up realizations walking on fire.  The first time I walked on fire. I went to watch others do it not believing that I could or would walk on those hot ashes myself. The fire walk started by burning a huge pile of cut up timber and it took hours for it to burn down into a pile of ashes that were then raked into a long trail 6 to 8 feet across and 10 to 12 feet long. I looked at those red hot coals and thought, hahaha, not me.

The trainer was first to walk slowly down that red hot trail and we were all glued to his experience. He never flinched and he showed us his feet, he didn’t get burned.  The next two fire walkers were children, a little girl about 7 years old and her brother 9 years. They ran down the red hot coals holding hands. The exhilaration was shining on their faces. At the end of their walk  they both showed us their  their feet to prove that they didn’t get burned.

Wow, I told myself, if 2 little kids can do this, surely I can. I realized at that moment how much my beliefs were connected to seeing what I desired to do … acted out for me .. to make it real, to make it visible. I  waited until I heard a voice within me and felt a visceral feeling in my heart say “okay, it’s time, we can do this,” then I felt ready and did  walk on those hot coals.  and I didn’t get burned.It was an awesome experience.

My second biggest lesson that day was watching their 16 year old sister.  It would be her first time to walk on fire too. She watched her siblings run down that red hot bed of coals and obviously thought (as I did) that if they could do it, she could also. So she ran down the bed of coals …  but she burned both of her feet quite severely. She didn’t wait to hear the voice within, she listened and acted from a “voice of competition.”

My next big lesson came at my 3rd fore walk. it was mostly women and the man inspired to create the fire walk. When it was taking perhaps too long for women to start walking on the fire he walked up to 2 women and offered an arm to each one. They moved their attention from listening to their inner voice to listening to his voice. They both got burned. Our inner/ outer awareness of our attention is very important.

My biggest lessons about belief are:  Take time to ask questions of my inner voice, listen for response  and before I take action.



So much of our lives are invisible not just to others but to ourselves as well. Our great aha’s disappear without a trace of evidence that they were visible to us in a flash. A flash, our mind’s eye saw, but chances are others around us did not. It was invisible. We say we are a factual people and yet our world is being invaded with fake news and it becomes more and more difficult to assess what is “real and factual” and what is “fake.” Much of the  “real” history of our country was left out, crossed off, deleted and yet we were told it was factual.

I see that the transformation period we are entering is an opportunity to learn to trust ourselves, verses the authorities outside of our selves, that  we have  been programmed to believe had more valuable information, information we could trust as “real.”  But much “factual” information has been swayed to benefit the giver rather than the receiver.

How do we know or learn what is true/real and what isn’t?

We must learn to trust our instincts again, listen with ears that are connected to our intuition. Taste with acute awareness, see with our outer eyes and our inner eye. We must reconnect to the intelligence of Earth energy/life and  learn to use both our visible and invisible aspects/abilities and trust that all life can become part of our awareness. If we ask questions of  each living Being we will receive answers that may not agree with what we had been told was “factual/real”. The greatest minds learned and so can we. When we learn to trust and connect to this huge energy resource we realize that we don’t all get the same answers! We get what we need for our own transformation. As we reclaim our connection to this huge energy source our ability to trust changes.


I realize I am a transformer. I laugh when I say that word because it reminds me of those toys called transformers. But I’m not a toy. I live and love for transformation, to allow transformation to occur. I didn’t  realize it was a gift and not so easy for others to move into. I didn’t realize my whole life had been on that ride until I started writing, Awakening Earth Chronicles. I was startled by the  miracles that occurred in these novels, how some of these miracles became visible in my/our outer life a year later. It blew me away.  This visibility isn’t literal like our left brain wants realty to be, but I united Native Americans in Curses of Spirits which I published in 2015 and they did unite around Stading Rock water issues  a year later.  I could not  .. not see it! Does the thought have to be put out into the visible world first? Was it already manifesting and I saw it in my mind’s eye and included it or?

I still wonder about that and it definitely makes it harder to write. Am I sure this is what needs to go out into our world? I do focus on positive changes rather than creating terrorism. (at least I see my writing that way)

I  have to be willing to experience transformation in my beliefs thru my writing. I invite transformation to enter my story, I have no idea what that means when I start or where the story will lead me. I start with present time and go forward into the future, what isn’t known or probably experienced yet, sometimes slipping back into the past and what has already occurred to bring it to a new place, to transform belief of . I ask Earth/Gaia to lead, to create a newpath/way of perceiving life.  And then a story unfolds.


Mystery, Synchronicity and Miracles

Mystery, synchronicity and miracles are all elements from the invisible world. But this world is only invisible because we have been trained to believe that. If we open to believe it is real and can be seen with our inner senses then we open to new experiences. It is all about learning to trust these inner senses.

When my little dog Lovey died she came to me every night for two weeks as soon as I got into bed. She was a little Chihuahua and could not get onto the bed by herself and so she would come to the side of my bed, once I was in it, and would make this  “Eh, eh,eh,” sound and I would pick her up and bring her into my bed. The night she died she came, invisible to see, but I could hear her. It was a challenge finding her “body” to pick her up. She would make the sound and I followed her voice. I could feel her energy body, the space she took, in my bed.

After two weeks I heard her say, “I can not hold this dog form any longer but I will always be with you, in your heart.”

I feel much gratitude that I trusted my inner senses and had this last experience with Lovey.

Witnessing the Invisible World

Writing Awakening Earth Chronicles was a way for me to unfold  numerous invisible dimensions and show the power available and the changes that could happen by walking that path. If we were trained to believe in this ability to visit other dimensions,  to see, hear, touch, smell, and hear with our inner senses in  these invisible dimensions it would be easy for us and our “real world” would be very different. But our western world doesn’t want our attention to go there. It is saved for books and movies to entertain us and continue the lie. We are told to focus on the rational and that only special people can see those strange things and those people don’t fit into the “real” world. If you want to fit into the real world, don’t go there.

But what if Einstein hadn’t gone there, or Tesla?  I love what Einstein said, “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”

(The opposite direction is away from separation and constant warring, a much more loving place. My words)

That is where the invisible waits for us, in that huge denied part we’ve been trained to be afraid of. Dreams, if paid attention to, can unlock the doors to this invisible realm. But we have to move into a place of trusting our self rather than all those outer authorities to be comfortable seeing and hearing family or friends who have passed from our “real world”,  or animals that speak to us.

I invite you into a new vista, a new way to think and experience with your inner senses.  It’s up to you to welcome magic, synchronicity and miracles into your life.