Awakening Earth Chronicles

AWAKENING EARTH CHRONICLES, a mystical, paranormal (as in spirits becoming visible, and powerful healings of revenge) 3 novels adventure with climate challenges we may yet see and an epic conclusion that might blow your mind!
Read ANCIENT MEMORIES and CURSES of SPIRITS Free on Amazon prime
AND the epic conclusion FEAR OF UNITING Is hungrily waiting for your eyes and heart!


A great review!

This is the  5 star review I received on Amazon of my novels, Awakening Earth Chronicles! I am smiling so big!!


I loved both the first book Ancient Memories, and the second, Curses of Spirits. I can’t wait for Book 3!! Very engaging, magical and inspiring stories of Mother Nature finally taking things into her own hands as well as a Higher Power (whatever you choose to believe) helping humans to finally wake up and be better planetary citizens. If only these books were true stories! The characters were well developed and blended ancient mythology to modern times. I really enjoyed reading these books and look forward to the continued unfolding of the journey. Again, if only these books were true stories! They spread such a positive and hopeful message..
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