What is a Ritual?

A Ritual is a Spiritual and Emotional enactment to create deep commitments/promises to Self, to another or to a group. We will call these persons making the commitments devoted ones.

The UnMarrying Ritual is to Reclaim Your Spiritual, Emotional Power

This Ritual helps you to connect to your Spirit and Emotional Self using the elements of Fire (burning), Water (forgiving) and Air (speaking) for Letting go and Forgiving Self,  Healing relationships that can’t be healed with usual words. This could be an (ex) spouse, parent, child, long-term friend or business partner. In this Ritual, thoughts and emotions are called forth to arise within your body /consciousness that totally relates to that relationship in this 2 hour Ritual. Letting go is the most challenging part because relationships are planted so deeply within us. The energy charge in your body finally releases. You feel space freed.  Your words of Forgiveness, of Love and Acceptance are then spoken to fill that void and imprint new energy into body/mind.

What happens in a Ritual that imprints the commitments so deeply?

Words of commitment are said by a person that is considered an authority by the devoted ones, and then those words are repeated, word for word, by the devoted ones.  Sometimes the devoted ones do not sit in authority/power over their own lives, instead they/we step into the role of subservience and project their/our authority/power onto another. So, even though they’ve agreed, there is a “voice above” them energetically that holds them to their commitments. It holds in times of strife and challenges. It holds until a devoted one decides those words are not working for them and steps into their own authoritative Self. At this point new commitments are often called for … it could be to the same person. 

What happens to a devoted one when they break a Ritual commitment before they have owned their own authority/power ?

They experience shame and often blame themselves or their partner, or the person that took the authoritative role because they don’t know how to reclaim that authority/power part of them self. We can learn new ways to support our Selves.
This Ritual helps you Reclaim Your Spiritual Emotional Power It has been used to UnMarry couples, alone and with spouses, children from parents since 1987. Isis Charest can be reached by phone or personal message at 206-883-5568