In 1983 I was doing Rebirthing professionally and told someone what an intimate experience it was to go so deeply with my clients. This person (male) acted shocked and said “You mean you have sex with all your clients?” Not sure who was more shocked, me because this man thought that intimacy only meant sex or him because that is totally how he saw intimacy.

I tried to explain to him that I understood the true meaning of intimacy was to have deep, meaningful sharing of life experiences or soul experiences and was not sexual. (It is possible, and frequently so, to have deeply penetrating sex without any emotional or spiritual connection.)

I acceptedas that my experience of intimacy was more advanced than most of my clients at that time and stopped using the word, intimacy, because of how other people defined it.

This morning in my interaction (or intimate conversation) with Gaia I asked, “what is our role as humans?” The response I heard was “to bring words to Gaia and Sun’s relationship!” That is a huge thought! (I believe I belong to Gaia and have been going deeper with my commitment to serve “my family.”)

I heard that communication on Gaia began as experiencing all senses. Sun had awareness but very different senses or sensations than Gaia’s. They had no way of communicating these differences. They did have deep penetrating experiences.

Humans opened the door to other levels of intimacy for themselves but also Gaia, Humans have given Gaia many words to define and understand the senses and sensations between all Life forms and also between Sun and Gaia,

Humans next steps, I heard, involve opening to experience more of the senses and sensations of other Life forms and of Gaia. We must learn to communicate with words to Gaia and all other Life forms. We must learn to be intimate with all Life around us.